Sweden Democrats expel MP after antisemitism accusations

Anna Hagwall, an MP for the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats, has been expelled from the party after she made comments widely interpreted as antisemitic.

The controversy stemmed from a motion Hagwall forwarded demanding that Bonnier Newspapers be excluded from receiving press subsidies. She said the group owned 80% of all Swedish media, which was untrue.

When she was questioned about the motion by Aftonbladet newspaper, she wrote in an email:

"No family, ethnic group or company should be allowed to control directly/indirectly more than five per cent of the media."

Her comments were regarded to be an antisemitic attack on the Bonnier family, who are of Jewish origin.

Hagwall was expelled from the Sweden Democrats on Monday afternoon, the party stated in a press release.

The leader of the Sweden Democrats Jimmie Åkesson previously told Swedish Radio that Hagwall’s comments could be grounds for exclusion as the party did not want any antisemitic tendencies to be present in the party.

Hagwall has previously said she would not leave her position in Parliament even if the party expelled her. She is the second Sweden Democrat politician to become an independent MP following exclusion from the party.