Council's large spending on consultants revealed

Stockholm County Council has been criticised after Swedish Radio revealed it had spent more than a billion kronor on outside consultants since 2012.

The vast majority of that money had gone to management consultants.

In recent weeks, it has been revealed that the Boston Consulting Group had been paid more than 50m kronor for services linked to the new Karolinska hospital being built in Solna.

Joakim Nergelius, who is a professor of law at Örebro University, said the amount of money spent on outside consultants was a big amount.

“It is very large,” he said. “It is not just one thing that cost a lot of money, there is a variety of occasions where consultants have been hired.”

Mira Nyber, who is the Swedish Association of Health Professional’s union representative at Karolinska in Huddinge, said the situation was “quite shocking”.

She said the amount spent on consultants could have provided more staff or opened more hospital beds.