Husby shops close in protest

2:05 min

Shopkeepers in the Stockholm suburb of Husby are closing up on Friday afternoon, as a protest, saying they've been abandoned by police.

Salam Kurda is the chair of the shopkeepers association. He says he has had enough after his shop was burgled.

"This is a sign of how unhappy we are with our with our politicans, who have abandoned Husby to the criminals, they have abandoned us," says Salam Kurda, who plans to give up his shop. He says it is not profitable and they don't feel safe.

Husby suburb's local centre is owned by the public company Svenska Böstäder, which has embarked on a major renovation of the area. Indeed, Salam Kurda's face can be seen on the adverts on the walls, promising better times.

The head of communication at the property company is Anna Arnström. She says she's been surprised by the recent developments.

When Swedish Radio spoke to the police they said they have had to deprioritise work in Husby, due to lack of resources, and they also say that the problem cannot simply be solved with more police, as the shopkeepers want.