Thai Airways flight evacuated after bomb threat

A Phuket-bound Thai Airways flight that was carrying nearly 300 passengers had to be evacuated due to a bomb threat at Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport on Thursday evening.

The police were notified of the threat at 9:33pm and the plane had already left the gate when it was forced to turn back. It was completely evacuated by 11:50pm. 

“The threat did not come directly to us at the command center, but rather was second-hand information. That call came via phone, but not directly to us. That is all I can say,” police spokesperson Sven-Erik Ohlsson told news agency TT.

Other sections of the international terminal at Arlanda Airport were evacuated as a precaution, but police said that the threat was specific to the Phuket-bound flight and not to the airport itself.

The Thai Airways plane has been taken to a secure location for further investigation. As of Friday morning, no one had been arrested for the threat and there are no suspects.