Swedish Radio is now broadcasting with smartphones

Now we can not only listen to radio on smartphones, we also can use them to produce radio. This is possible thanks to the Next Generation project from Swedish Radio.
  Lars Hedh, Head of Method and Technology Development at Swedish Radio tells us more about the Project.

The smartphone of today is an important working tool for our journalists. For the past couple of years our reporters have been able to contribute to all kinds of programs using apps like Report IT Live and Luci Live. Now it’s time to take the next step and run a whole show from a portable device like a tablet or a smartphone.

The Project NXG, Next Generation Radio house, is now running a pilot with new technical equipment at P4 Väst in Uddevalla, one of our local channels. Thanks to smart solutions for remote control and transport of audio in standard networks they are now able to run a whole show including jingles, music, etc. using only a smartphone or a tablet. Swedish Radio has the goal to get closer to it’s audience by leaving the radio studio and broadcast from where the action is.

Swedish Radio P4 Väst has been using the new equipment since the beginning of this year. Planning has now started for further development of the solution and installation on another local station, P4 Sjuhärad. The goal is that they should be able to use it before the end of this year.