Tim Pool's reply to Ann Törnkvist's article on parachute journalism: "They really are mad"

Earlier this week journalist Ann Törnkvist wrote an op-ed titled: "Parachute journalists like Tim Pool a threat to democracy." Tim Pool was immediately given the opportunity to reply here, but since he chose to reply on his own vlog we've linked to his video reply.

Tim Pool: "The problem with Swedish Media" (video)

"According to Swedish Radio, I'm a threat to democracy. They really are mad.


2.00: But the more interesting thing I'd like to talk about is how apparently I'm a threat to democracy. There is this story from Swedish Radio about Parachute journalism. And it says: Parachute journalists like Tim Pool is a threat to democracy. It's the same old story we hear all the time about a journalist will land in some place with little research, not knowing what's going on or what they are doing and then trying to put a story together. And I've heard this a million times.... "

Watch Tim Pools full video reply on Youtube: "The problem with Swedish Media" (video)