Police: The suspect is from Uzbekistan

1:35 min

At a press conference on Saturday Swedish police made clear what they know and what they are doing.

  • Their case against the suspect is getting stronger
  • He is 39, from Uzbekistan
  • He was arrested at 01:45 am on Saturday
  • He was in some way already known to the intelligence service Säpo
  • They think he was the driver
  • A device was found in the truck, as yet unidentified
  • They will not talk about the victims until formal identification and notification of next of kin.

The suspect was arrested on Friday evening in the Stockholm suburb of Märsta, and has been charged for committing terrorism by murder. Before 12 on Tuesday the prosecutor must get a court order to be able to remand the suspect in custody. 

At the press conference, the head of the intelligence service Säpo, Anders Thornberg, said that information about the man appeared in their intelligence at one point last year, but that the allegations against him could not be substantiated. Thornberg did not specify what these allegations had been about.

There are currently ten people treated in hospital following the suspected terrorist attack on Friday, when a lorry drove for about 500 metres along a pedestrianised street in central Stockholm.

According to the news agency TT, six of them are in a critical condition, two of which are in intensive care. The other four - one of them a child - are treated for milder injuries.

Border controls are in place for people travelling in and out of Sweden, but the terror alert level is unchanged, at higher than normal.