First historic building shifted as Kiruna moves entire city

2:04 min

The first of eight historic buildings in the city of Kiruna was moved on Wednesday morning, a major milestone in the project of moving the entire city 3km to the east.

Kiruna town center needs to be moved as heavy mining in the area has compromised safety in the existing city center. The decision to move the town was first made ten years ago. Over the last few years, old houses in the town have been demolished and new ones have been erected in the new location. But today is the first day that a whole listed building is moved.

Arbetarbostaden B5, or Workers Housing Unit B5, was the fifth building erected when Swedish mining company LKAB established the city as a mining town in 1900. 

The trailer carrying it drove 5km through the town at walking pace, delivering the building to its new location beneath the foot of the Luossavaara mountain at around 10:30pm. 

Listen to Radio Sweden interview LKAB spokeswoman Josefine Ejeman during the procession.