Uppsala Liberals nominating new party leader

4:01 min

Against the background of a lackluster showing in the latest Statistics Sweden poll, Liberal Party members in Uppsala are calling for the replacement of their leader, Jan Björklund. Instead, they want the party conference to choose MP and former cabinet minister Birgitta Ohlsson for the top spot in November.

“She has been in the party for a long time, she is well-known in different parts of Sweden. She has strong Liberal policies,” Malin Sjöberg-Högrell, chair of the Liberals for Uppsala County told Radio Sweden. “We think the questions she is taking up will drive more interest to the party, and she will bring more voters back to us, including younger people.”

The Uppsala Liberals want to change the entire party's top troika, nominating MEP Cecilia Wikström for first deputy leader as well as MP Christer Nylander for second deputy leader.

“We want to change the top officials because we want renewal for the entire party leadership,” Malin Sjöberg-Högrell said.

But the party conference is in November, less than a year before the next election. Isn’t that rather late to change the party leader?

“It’s always a risk,” said Sjöberg-Högrell. “But at the same time, we have to make a change. We have to have the courage to discuss who will represent our party.”