Voices from a new "vulnerable area"

1:10 min

Sweden's police officially named new areas of the country where they want more resources to fight crime, and Radio Sweden talked to local residents.

There are now 23 "especially vulnerable areas" in Sweden. National Police Chief Dan Eliason says other parts of society have to help the police.

Radio Sweden has spoken to people in one newly designated area, Fittja on the edge of Stockholm.

Mardan Nanvazade is 24 and grew up in the area. He says something should be done about the situation, but not point fingers, put people on a list and say they are the problem. He says something needs to be done about integration, and that most of the people in that area are immigrants.  

Radio Sweden also talked to Kayla, 37. She understands why Fittja is on the police's list, and says it describes the area pretty well. There a lot of insecurity here. Things can happen to children, to older people. It's a risk to live there, she says.