School inspectors: Restraining ADHD students was excessive

5:26 min

The Swedish Schools Inspectorate has reversed its position on four cases where school staff physically restrained students, now deeming that they went too far.

Following an investigation by Swedish Radio, the Schools Inspectorate revisited seven decisions where school staff, who had physically restrained students, had been cleared of any wrongdoing.

In four of these cases, they changed their ruling citing that staff had, in fact, acted inappropriately.

One of these cases concerned the then third grader Oscar, who has Asperger's syndrome, ADHD, and anxiety.

When staff were unable to calm him, they would place him face down on the ground while restaining his hands and feet. On one occasion, witnesses recall a knee put to his back.

Psychologist Maria Bühler suggests that better staff training is required, as well as changes to the law:

"We cannot hit our children at home - the law is very strict. But the school law is not as strict. I think the law needs to change."