Pakistan woos Swedes with mango diplomacy

4:26 min

Does India grow the world's best mango, or is it Pakistan? Pakistan's ambassador has been giving away his country's finest fruit for free in Stockholm's main square in an attempt to win Swedes over.

Look online, and you'll see the passion generated by the competing claims to mango supremacy of India's Alphonso and Pakistan's Anwar Ratol. 

Both are small, sweet and blessed with an unusual richness of flavour.

But last week the embassy of Pakistan to Sweden hosted a Pakistani Mango and Food Festival in Stockholm's Sergels Torg to promote its cause, showcasing two varieties of prized chaunsa mangoes.

"If you taste some, you will realise they are the best mangoes in the world," says the ambassador, Muhammad Tariq Zameer.

Listen to discover whether the people who queued up for a taste – including two Indians – agreed.