Professor: Sweden could be a role model for sustainability

3:23 min

Environment professor Johan Rockström believes Sweden could be a role model for the world when it comes to sustainable solutions.

This week, over a thousand researchers and scientists and representatives of businesses, politics and NGOs have come to Sweden to take part in the forth International Resilience Conference. The focus is on how the world can adapt to change and develop into a stabile, resilient planet, where humans can prosper.

At the start of the week, professor Johan Rockström, director of the Stockholm Resilience Centre, which is hosting the event, said that "this week, Stockholm is not just the capital of Sweden, but also of the planet".

He told Radio Sweden that even though Sweden is a small country, it has a large influence in the world when it comes to environmental work.

"This is where the first environmental development conference was held in 1972. Sweden has a disproportionate influence (in this field) and therefore also a large responsibility," he said.

"Sweden, both in science and in action, should be able to show that combining sustainability with human well-being is a path for success and development," he said.

The International Resilience Conference is held every three years, and has in the past also been held in Arizona, USA and in Montpellier, France.