Police officer stabbed in central Stockholm

A police officer was injured and one person was arrested in Stockholm on Thursday.

“We have a police officer who has been injured at Medborgarplatsen and has been brought to hospital," Anders Bryngelsson of the Stockholm police told Swedish Radio.

Later, the Aftonbladet newspaper reported that the police officer had been discharged from the hospital. Aftonbladet and news agency TT also reported that the officer was stabbed in the neck at around 10:30am while patrolling Medborgarplatsen in the Stockholm district of Södermalm.

The incident happened near a park by one of the two exits of the Medborgarplatsen underground station. For a while, trains were not stopping at the station, according to a message on the SL-app.

Bryngelsson of the Stockholm police said that the situation at Medborgarplatsen was under control and that police were taking witness statements. A preliminary investigation into a suspected attempted murder was also launched.

"As I understand it, it was some form of unprovoked attack. There is nothing pointing to this being an act of terror," Stockholm police spokesman Lars Byström told TT.

A sit-in protest by Afghan asylum seekers has been held at Medborgarplatsen since early August. Their demonstration permit expires at 10pm on Thursday, according to the police. It is still unclear where the demonstration will move to next.

On Thursday, the sit-in protest had been cordoned off and was protected by the police.

"I'm standing here because some people are claiming that the demonstrators were involved, which they were not," said police sergeant Ronnie Tellberger.