Sweden's first YouTube course

2:56 min

Making it rich is an enticing prospect for those signing up to Sweden's very first course teaching about the streaming video site, but the founder of the adult education class in the northern locality of Kalix, tells Radio Sweden that the skills learnt can be transferred to other jobs in the labour market.

Successful Swedish YouTubers like Ijustwannabecool and Therese Lindgren have a large and devoted following with their shows on YouTube watched by millions.

Now a new online course based at the Kalix adult education centre in the far north of Sweden, is to teach participants how to become a personality on the streaming video site.

"We will teach them the basics. If you are going to be a rich and famous YouTuber you need something unique. That is not something we can teach  but we can help them to find that within themselves so they can be a success," says teacher Pia Nyberg, who came up with the idea of the 20 week-long course.

She says the skills they will teach can be transferable to the wider job market.

I am sure that companies will want to have people who know the techniques and knowledge of making a fairly good video."