Meet the Swedish principal building student dorms in Afghanistan

4:48 min

Radio Sweden has met Hamid Zafar, a school principal who objects to the negative image of Afghanistan given by the media and by protesters in Sweden, and who wants to help youths in Afghanistan get an education.

Hamid Zafar is 34 years old and came to Sweden from Afghanistan at the age of five. He and his family moved to Biskopsgården, a Gothenburg suburb that has since gained a reputation for high levels of crime and social exclusion.

Zafar attended the school Sjumilaskolan and today he is the principal there. But he is not only passionate about offering good education to youths in Sweden. Last winter, he and his father embarked on a project in rural Afghanistan, where they have built a student residence to house poor people who want to study at a nearby state university.

Zafar wants to do something about "Afghanistan's brain drain", he says, and he takes issue with what he feels is an overly pessimistic portrayal of the country in Swedish media and among Afghan asylum seekers in Sweden who stage protests in the hope of avoiding deportation to Afghanistan.

Radio Sweden met Zafar at Sjumilaskolan in Gothenburg.