Incidents of violence against police 'very rare', expert says

5:26 min

On Saturday, over twelve gunshots were fired at the home of a police officer in Västerås. A man in his twenties is behing held on suspicion of attempted murder.

Just one day after the attack, fireworks and rocks were thrown at a police station in Växjö.

These follow in a series of recent high-profile attacks directed at police officers and police stations in Sweden. Earlier in October, the entrance of a police station in Helsingborg was destroyed by an explosion.

Johanna Skinnari, a researcher at the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention, told Radio Sweden that it was not possible to determine whether or not these attacks are becoming more common.

These incidents are very rare, and sometimes they happen in a short period of time ... We knew these things used to happen ten years ago, and they happen today.

However, she added that "ordinary threats and harassment" are on the rise.

Skinnari explained that her research found that these attacks tend to enhance the "intimidation capital" of the perpetrators, "to show they're tough and not afraid of the police." It also found both organised and non-organised criminals behind the attacks.