UN Watch: "Wallström's position on Iran is troubling"

3:30 min

UN Watch, an NGO which scrutinises the United Nations, has criticised Sweden's foreign minister Margot Wallström for not condemning Iran strongly enough over its violent response to protests in the country.

UN Watch has also criticised Sweden's lack of commitment to an emergency UN Security Council meeting on the situation in Iran.

Hillel Neuer, executive director of UN Watch, told Radio Sweden:

The position of the Swedish foreign minister is troubling. There are hundreds of thousands of people affected by what's happening in Iran and Iran is involved in conflicts across the region.

Neuer claims Sweden is neglecting its duty to advocate for human rights, but in a statement to Radio Sweden, Margot Wallström's press secretary said that she was among the first foreign ministers to comment on the situation in Iran. He added:

Discussions are currently underway regarding whether the situation in Iran should be brought up in the UN Security Council and, if so, in what format.

Wallström’s office insisted that Sweden's position on the matter is as yet undetermined and that a vote on whether to call a Security Council meeting is expected later today.

On Thursday afternoon, Wallström took to Twitter again to express concern over the deaths, mass arrests and restrictions on the internet in Iran.

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