Privacy Policy for Swedish Radio

On Swedish Radio, we are transparent with what type of data we store in our apps, how it is done and what it is used for. We ensure that all our data management is done in a manner that does not harm our audience's trust.

In our app we collect anonymous listening history and information about the user's behaviour. Our purpose of this data collection is to improve the experience for the end user as well as making content available based on individual users' needs and interests. We do not store more information than we consider necessary to achieve the purpose and we erase data that is not motivated to store for the same reason.

The collected information is anonymous, which means that it can not be linked directly to an individual user of the app. The information does not contain any personal information such as name, e-mail address or IP number.

We use Google Analytics in our app for the purpose of compiling statistics in aggregated form about users and traffic. Such statistics never contain any kind of personal information, but are able to detect patterns in the use of our app.