Christian Democrats' unveil election strategy

1:59 min

Health care will be the main campaign issue for the Christian Democrat party to take into the general election in September.

The opposition party led by Ebba Busch Thor unveiled its' election platform on Wednesday morning and said it aimed to surpass the 4.6 percent share of the vote it gained at the last election. The party is currently polling under the four percent parliamentary threshold in most opinion polls.

The Christian Democrats is targeting the elderly and family vote among those who lean towards the centre-right Alliance parties and the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats, it said.

The main opponents in the election, it said, are the ruling Social Democrats, who, according to the party secretary, Acko Ankarberg Johansson, are failing on welfare in government.

"We managed to halve the queues in the health care sector during the Alliance government. Now the queues have doubled."

The Christian Democrats will also campaign on reforms creating more places in elderly care and focus on jobs, integration and law and order, with the recruitment of 10,000 more police officers.