Self-driving vehicles require new laws

5:50 min

A brave new world where cars drive by themselves is not far off, according to Sweden's Minister for Infrastructure, who has ordered an inventory of new laws and rules needed to allow more automated vehicles on our roads.

It is easy to be charmed by a vision of a future with self-driving cars but there is a bit to go before we are there.

This week, the government's special investigator Jonas Bjelfvenstam handed a 1,200-page study over to Infrastructure Minister Tomas Eneroth, which details the regulatory and legal changes needed before taking the first steps into a world of automated vehicles.

"I have had to anticipate a lot of factors happening, for which I don't have evidence in every case," Bjelfvenstam told Radio Sweden.

Minister Eneroth says it is important to try to implement some of the new legislation as soon as possible.

"If we don't, we can end up in a situation where the Swedish car industry and telecom industry is in the front line, but don't have the possibility to test the new technologies in Sweden," he said.

To listen to some of the proposals, click on the link above.