Christian Democrat leader opposes Muslim call to prayer in Sweden

3:05 min

The Christian Democrats' party leadership is urging its local politicians to vote no to allowing mosques in Sweden to issue the Muslim call to prayer.

The leader of the small opposition party, Ebba Busch Thor, told Swedish Radio News that it is unreasonable for there to be repeated, institutionalized calls to prayer that proclaim a religious message out over people's private homes.

The leader of the conservative Moderate Party, Ulf Kristersson, wrote in a statement that he was skeptical of allowing the call to prayer in Sweden.

Speaking to news agency TT, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, of the Social Democrats, said he believes it should be up to municipalities to decide how to handle the issue, and that a lot depends on where each mosque lies, if it is in a neighborhood or not, and whether the call to prayer will disturb people nearby or not.

About a month ago, a mosque in Växjö applied to the police for permission to install a speaker with which to issue the call to prayer from its mosque in the area of Araby, and that has sparked a big debate in Sweden.