Official complaint over "too hot" Vindaloo

3:46 min

A Swedish woman who ordered beef vindaloo from an Indian restaurant for herself and several friends, lodged an official complaint with a consumer authority, stating that the food had been 'too hot'.

Not satisfied with an offer of a 50% refund and the restuarant's explanation that it cooked authentic Indian cuisine, which is generally known to be spicy, the unhappy customer in Västra Frölunda took her grievance to the The National Board for Consumer Disputes (ARN).

"She didn't know what a beef vindaloo was, I guess," says Bo Helin, a lawyer at ARN.

He tells Radio Sweden that the authority was unanimous in its decision to reject the claim.

"The board agreed with the restaurant that it is not a fault as such, that Indian food is hot. They had also given information on the menu showing that the Vindaloo is hot," he says.