Helping Swedes prepare for crisis or war

5:09 min

What would you do if you turned on the faucet and no water came out? If you went to the supermarket to buy food, but the payment machine didn't work - or there was no food there to buy?

These are some of the questions that the government and the Civil Contingencies Agency want people to be thinking about during Emergency Preparedness Week, which runs through June 3rd.

In fact, you may have already seen something in your letterbox about this. The agency has sent a white and orange brochure (this links to the English version) to every household in Sweden with instructions for how to be better prepared for a serious accident, or extreme weather, or an IT attack, terrorism or a military conflict.

In the brochure the civil contingencies agency writes that as the world has changed, the government has decided to strengthen Sweden's total defense, including its civil defense.

Radio Sweden spoke to the Civil Protection Organization about what kinds of things to have on hand in case of emergency.