English ex-pats in Sweden facing a major headache at kick-off on Saturday

5:05 min

English ex-pats living in Sweden have no divided loyalties when it comes to who they want to win on Saturday - England. But for some with Swedish partners, the World Cup quarter-final between Sweden and England is causing a major headache.

Dave Sitwell lives with his Swedish wife Cecilia and children on Ingarö, an island outside Stockholm.

They are hosting a 40th birthday party for Cecilia on the same day Sweden plays England and it is also the couple's wedding anniversary.

"I have no idea who I hope wins. I really want England to win of course, but I don't want all the Swedes to be in a bad mood for the rest of the evening, so I am not really sure," Dave Sitwell tells Radio Sweden.    

Adam Digby from Basingstoke, came to Sweden three years ago. Now living in Karlstad, he says he'll be proudly wearing his England shirt when he watches an outdoor screening of the match with his Swedish partner and friends.

"I've bought my England top so I can represent England. I'll be in the minority. If we lose, I'm never going to hear the end of it," he tells Radio Sweden.