'Mixed emotions' for football coach Janne Andersson

2:00 min

The coach for Sweden's men's team in football, Janne Andersson, told reporters at a press conference in Stockholm on Monday that he has "mixed emotions" about coming home.

"I would have wanted to stay for another week of course, but it is fun to come home and meet all the people who are happy and congratulate us for having done something good," he said.

The Swedish team was kicked out of the tournament by England, winning the quarter final 2-0 on Saturday. After the match, the disappointment was big in the team, but still on the pitch, Janne Andersson gathered the players to remind them of how well they had done to come this far. "Shared fifth place" is what he called it on the press conference on Monday.

This is the farthest the men's national football team has come in a major tournament since winning world cup bronze in 1994.