Stefan Löfven: we have a traditional Social Democratic migration policy

7:25 min

In Radio Sweden's series of party leader interviews, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, who is the leader of the Social Democrat party, says that his party has not been influenced by the opposition Sweden Democrats' tough stance on migration.

"The migration policy we have now is a traditional Social Democratic policy," Löfven tells Radio Sweden. "The policy we used to have was actually implemented by the former government."

In 2015, more than 160,000 refugees came to Sweden seeking asylum, prompting Löfven's government to tighten migration rules, going from having the EU's most generous asylum law to the EU's minimum level. 

"For me, it's natural to say 'yes, we will stand up for the right to seek asylum, always'," says Löfven, adding, "If you're approved - if it's a yes, stay here and we will make the best possibilities for you to join our community - the right to work ... the right to training, education. But if it's a no, you have to leave, and I think it's a logic[al] process and that's also what's in line with the most of the population, I think it's not so dramatic actually."

Löfven also talked to Radio Sweden about the party's plans to alleviate the housing shortage, as well to get newcomers into work faster.