Annie Lööf: Balance regulated migration policy with humanity

7:29 min

In Radio Sweden's series of interviews with the Parliamentary party leaders, Annie Lööf, leader of the Center party, describes her party's approach to the issue of migration as entailing "lower costs" mixed with "compassion".

Svenska Dagbladet has reported that the Center party positions itself as the one that's most refugee friendly in the four-party opposition Alliance bloc, but at the same time, that the Center party wants to cut migration-related costs more than the other Alliance parties.

Lööf tells Radio Sweden that these two things fit together. She says the Center party wants children to be able to see their parents again and that "severe cases", like elderly, disabled people, for example, "can have possibilities to stay in Sweden."

"We want people to come here to work and to pay taxes, and that's why we want to give them possibilities from day one to start to learn Swedish, to get a job. And that's why we have lower costs, but we have also a compassion and a will that they will get a job as soon as possible."

Lööf has talked about low-paying jobs as a way to get newcomers into the labor market: "We would like to reform the Swedish labor market like Denmark or Germany for instance, where we have apprenticeship jobs that they learn their job at the job for a lower salary at the beginning, but then the salary will rise."

We also talk to Annie Lööf about the government's amendment to the law on upper secondary education, which her party supported, as well as about climate, and the chance of her becoming Sweden's next Prime Minister.