Ulf Kristersson: Do not return to pre-2015 migration policy

6:23 min

Radio Sweden ends its interviews with the leaders of Sweden's parliamentary parties with Ulf Kristersson of the Moderates.

Kristersson is Sweden's newest party leader and he heads up parliament's biggest opposition party, and hence has been tipped as Sweden's next prime minister.

His party has campaigned on being tough on crime, lowering incomes taxes, shortening healthcare waiting times and keeping the nation's asylum rules strict.

"What I'm basically saying is that, 'do not return to a migration policy we had pre-2015," he says, "because that was one of the reasons we ended up in serious problems."

The Moderates have slipped in the polls recently but Kristersson says his intent is to build an Alliance government as well as run a clean, civil campaign.

"What I'm trying to promote everyday ... is to have an adult way of discussing things," he says. "I think there is too much shouting and screaming in Swedish politics."