Sweden Democrats U-turn on quota refugees

2:58 min

The Sweden Democrats have changed their stance on quota refugees. The party now says it wants Sweden temporarily to close the door to these refugees.

Quota refugees are selected by the UN's High Commissioner for Refugees, UNHCR, to move to another country. They are deemed to have a particuarly pressing need of protection.

Sweden is expected to receive a total 5,000 quota refugees in 2018. That's a number that the centre-left government has agreed on with the centre-right opposition.

Up until now, the Sweden Democrats have been in favour of Sweden taking in a limited number of quota refugees. But now, as part of its election manifesto, the party says it wants to put a complete stop to this, until the refugee reception and the situation for migrants in Sweden is "under control", according to the Sweden Democrat spokesperson on migration, Paula Bieler.