Christian Democrats and Greens make it above electoral threshold

2:51 min

A new poll-of-polls puts both the Christian Democrats and the Green Party above the four-percent mark and shows that the Sweden Democrat Party would be the second biggest were an election to be held today.

According to the Sifo poll-of-polls, the Christian Democrats land above the electoral threshold for the first time in three-and-a-half years, and support for the Green Party is up to 6.2 percent – the party's highest ranking in nearly three years.

Swedish Radio's political commentator Fredrik Furtenbach believes it is hard to tell why the Christian Democrats are climbing in the polls, but that they may be pulling voters away from the Moderate Party. Party leader Ebba Busch Thor has also managed to catch peoples' attention in recent debates and interviews. In addition, the intense, final stages of the election campaign presents ample opportunities for smaller parties to make a mark.

The Sifo poll-of-polls is based on nearly 7,000 interviews conducted between August 13th and August 24th. It also shows that the Social Democrat Party is Sweden's biggest and that the Moderate Party is the third biggest.