Social Democrats spread falsehoods about political rivals

2:41 min

Several Social Democrat candidates in local elections have been caught spreading misinformation online about their political rivals in Arabic and Somali.

Candidates for local elections in places like Örebro and Jönköping counties have posted false or misleading information about the center-right Moderates and the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats.

For example, in Örebro county, a Social Democrat candidate wrote online in Somali that if the four-party coalition known as the Alliance won September's vote, it would cooperate with the Sweden Democrats and stop taking in refugees, close all mosques and convert Muslim children.

In Jönköping, newspaper Expressen reported, a candidate posted a warning on Facebook telling Muslims or voters with an Arab background not to support the Sweden Democrats or the Moderates.

Both the Sweden Democrats and the Moderates condemned the posts and Anders Ygeman, the Social Democrats' chief whip in parliament, said people spreading lies about other parties have no place in the party.