Alliance puts forward Moderate as speaker candidate

1:30 min

With Monday's vote to select a new speaker of parliament fast approaching, Friday saw Sweden's two main political parties put forward their own candidates for the post.

Moderate party politician Andreas Norlén has been nominated as speaker of parliament by the centre-right Alliance. Following talks between the four parties on the centre-right, the Alliance will not vote against Björn Söder as second vice speaker, a position currently held by the Sweden Democrat. Instead, they will be leaving their voting slips blank.

The Alliance said it maintains its stance that the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats, the third biggest party in parliament, should not receive a leading post on any of the parliamentary committees to be chosen next week.

Andreas Norlén is set to be challenged by the Social Democrats' own candidate, Åsa Lindestam. 

Parliament will choose its speaker on Monday. With the red/greens holding a one seat advantage over the centre-right Alliance in a hung parliament, Andreas Norlén would need the support of the Sweden Democrats to become speaker.