Clinic sees more men seeking help after being raped

3:25 min

The number of men who turn to the emergency clinic for rape victims in Stockholm has increased steadily since it first began receiving male victims in 2015.

"It is not the number of men who have been raped that is increasing, but more are seeking help. So that is good," says Anna Möller, senior consultant and medical director of the emergency clinic for rape victims at Stockholm South Hospital.

The clinic is unique in Sweden in that it is open not only to women and girls, but also to men and transgender people who have been raped or sexually abused. Last year, just under 60 men, or people with a male ID-number, turned to the clinic at Stockholm's South Hospital. That is over 34 percent more than the year before, and this year, it looks like the numbers will be increasing further.

According to the National Council for Crime Prevention (Brå), 559 men last year reported to the police that they had been raped somewhere in Sweden.

"It is a huge stigma for men who have been raped. Women and girls talk about the possibility of being raped, when we are at clubs or in the street or with our friends. For men it is something that is not really in their belief," says Anna Möller.

According to her, 99 percent of the men who come to the clinic have been raped by other men.