Book fair beckons translators, foreign publishers eager to snap up Swedish lit

5:00 min

As the Gothenburg book fair gets underway today, some 35 translators and publishers from around the world have received fellowships from the Swedish Arts Council and the book fair to cover part of their costs to be there.

"I was very fond of a book recently, but I could not buy it, because another company was much quicker than me!

di Mella is referring to a Swedish children's book called Comedy Queen that she was hoping her company could translate into Italian. She laughs about when another publishing house beat her to the punch: "I was very disappointed, so that's why I would like to be in a direct contact with publishers!"

Radio Sweden also speaks to Laura Cangemi, who di Mella describes as "maybe the most famous translator from Swedish in Italy", about why she's going to the book fair. 

And we also hear from Maciej Liguziński, whose first translation of a book from Swedish to Polish was published this spring, about his career dreams and how the book fair might help.