Speaker begins first round of talks to find a prime minister candidate

2:34 min

The newly appointed speaker of parliament met with the Social Democrats' Stefan Löfven today, in the first out of eight meetings with the leaders of the parties represented in Sweden's parliament.

Before heading into his meeting with Löfven, Andreas Norlén said the day's schedule has been arranged to reflect the size of the parties, meaning the meeting with the Greens – the smallest party in parliament – will come last, at around 4:30 PM.

"I will of course ask them to present their view of the political situation and after that I hope to discuss the government question, the formation of a new administration and the political future," Norlén said.

He is unlikely to get into a discussion about what political moves or concessions the parties are prepared to make in order ensure Sweden gets a new government. Norlén said his aim is to be able to present a candidate for the prime minister post.

After his interview with Swedish Radio this morning, political commentator Fredrik Furtenbach pointed out that the speaker was careful to downplay any expectations that the process will be smooth. Instead, finding a prime minister candidate who will be accepted by parliament and can suggest a viable administration will be unusually tricky this time. The parties must also negotiate with one another, Furtenbach said.