Talks continue as Sweden wonders who will take the helm

7:31 min

The speaker of parliament, Andreas Norlén, has invited the eight political party leaders for another round of one-to-one talks this coming Tuesday. The decision was made after Norlén met with his three deputies on Friday.

This gives Norlén another chance to find a suitable prime minister candidate who can also form Sweden's next government. But next week's meetings will be significantly shorter than in the first round of talks – just 25 minutes each.

In general, it's been a hectic week in politics and several commentators are calling the situation "deadlocked" as parties on the right and left are so far not budging on their political demands. 

For some analysis of what's going on, Professor Li Bennich-Björkman, a political scientist at Uppsala University, joined us in the studio, to talk about what makes the current situation unusual.