Growing number of people acknowledge racism exists in Swedish society

4:02 min

More and more people believe that racism exists, according to a new report (in Swedish) from the Forum for Living History.

To the question of whether or not there are groups in Swedish society who are exposed to racism: 83 percent of people surveyed last year answered yes (5% answered no, and 12% had no opinion). That's compared to 53 percent of people surveyed in 2014.

"I still can't believe we have to discuss whether or not racism is a fact! 

Rokibath Alsanne was one of the panelists there to respond to the report when the Forum for Living History recently presented it in Stockholm's Old Town, and Radio Sweden interviews her about examples of everyday racism.

Radio Sweden also talks to the author of the report, Oscar Österberg, about what the development in Swedish perceptions of racism means as far as efforts to educate the public about this topic.