Over a million Swedes excluded from digital society, report says

5:04 min

Up to 1.1 million Swedes never use the internet or rarely go online which could be a major problem as it's increasingly important to participate digitally in society.

That's according to a new report published on Wednesday from the Internet Foundation in Sweden, the organisation that produces a yearly report on internet use in Sweden as well as oversee the .se top-level domain name.

"When we ask seldom users if they feel part of the information society, they say 'no'. It's not just the elderly, but also a larger group of people, such as women who live in rural areas with local education and low salary. Then it becomes a democratic problem," says Måns Jonansson, digital strategist at the foundation.

The report also found that one in four children aged between 0 and 12 months, were using the internet.

To listen to our interview with Måns Jonansson, click on the link above.