Sweden Democrats, in a first, will chair a municipal council

1:48 min

The anti-immigration Sweden Democrats has for the first time taken control of a municipal council in southern Sweden.

The Sweden Democrats became the largest party after September's election in Hörby municipality with 34.5 percent of the vote.

Now, Stefan Borg has taken the top post of chairman of Hörby council, the first time a Sweden Democrat has received such a job anywhere in the country. He'll also become the town's mayor.

"This is historic. I am moved and euphoric," Stefan Borg tells Swedish Television News in Skåne county.

On Wednesday night, the Moderate party in Hörby, who had refused to go into coalition with the Sweden Democrats after the 2014 election, has now changed its stance.

"My hope is that this is a solution in Swedish politics, which makes it possible for those who stand close together on certain political issues to cooperate without fear of each other," Stefan Borg says.