Youth wing demands that the Moderate party submit a budget proposal

5:30 min

Even though the post-election political shuffling has not yet resulted in a government, the youth wing of the conservative Moderates (MUF) wants their parent party to submit a budget motion.

"I think we have a responsibility towards our voters to try to get through as much policy as possible," the chair of MUF, Benjamin Dousa, told Swedish Radio News.

He said that in the best case, the four Alliance parties (Moderates, Christian Democrats, Center party and Liberals) who campaigned together ahead of the election would submit a common budget proposal, but in worst case, the Moderates would submit their own, based on the Alliance's policies. 

Meanwhile, there's no sign of progress in the talks to form a new government, and a new party leader may have to take over the attempt after the weekend. The leader of the Moderates, Ulf Kristersson, gave up on his attempt to form a government about a week ago, and at the moment, the task is up to the leader of the Social Democrats Stefan Löfven.

Radio Sweden's Loukas Christodoulou talks to Dave Russell about why the political parties aren't able to agree on a new government, and what might happen in the next few weeks or months.