Sweden wants to deport Yemeni journalist

7:57 min

The case of a known journalist and human rights activist from Yemen whom the Swedish Migration authorities want to send to the Czech Republic is getting some international attention.

Hind Al Eryani came to Sweden from Turkey with her teenage daughter just over a year ago, after an increasing barrage of anonymous threats to her person started to include also her daughter. 

They chose to come to Sweden, because Hind's mother and sister live here. The trip was possible because Hind Al Eryani had a temporary visa to the Czech Republic, issued to her the year before in connection with an international conference. Her daughter then got a travel-visa straight to Sweden. 

Now, Hind's 'conference-visa' is the one that the Swedish migration authorities are referring to, when they say that it is not Sweden that should try Hind Al Eryani and her daughter's asylum application, but the Czech Republic.

But the 16-year-old daughter is not well. Her mother says she has suffered a mental breakdown and is pleading with Swedish migration authorities to take over responsibility for processing their asylum application.

Her lawyer Joakim Lundqvist believes the case shows how the Migration Agency applies the Dublin Regulation, which the EU countries have agreed upon, in a way that relies more on easily obtained facts that personal circumstances.

Click to listen to the story, which includes interviews with Hind Al Eryani, her lawyer, and a representative from the Migration Agency.

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