Center Party could consider tolerating Löfven as PM

1:36 min

Center Party leader Annie Lööf says her party could abstain from voting against Social Democrat leader Stefan Löfven in next week's prime minister vote - if a number of political demands are met.

At a press briefing on Tuesday, Lööf said her center-right party wants - among others - a promise of lower taxes, a more open housing market, and changed labour laws.

"There are a lot of people who at the moment want the support of the Centre Party. It is therefore also reasonable that we as a party put forward the demands for policies that we think Sweden needs," she said.

Lööf also added that the Center Party will not join a Social Democrat government, but it is demands that need to be met for them to abstain from voting against Löfven.

In a comment, Stefan Löfven told reporters he would look at the list and get back with a response.

On Wednesday next week, parliament will vote on whether it wants Stefan Löfven as prime minister or not. So far, only three parties with 144 out of parliament's 365 MPs have said they are prepared to vote in favour of Löfven as PM. But if a sufficient amount of MPs abstain from voting, that may be enough. 

The focus is on whether the Centre Party and the Liberal Party will abstain from voting against Löfven. The Liberal Party has so far not said what they will do.