Brits in Sweden to have "similar conditions" even without Brexit deal

3:43 min

Brits living in Sweden with the right to stay here according to EU law will be allowed to remain "on similar conditions" the EU Minister tells Radio Sweden.

The announcement comes after the EU commission earlier this week encouraged the member states to offer Brits who live in their countries to stay and keep on working where they are - even if there won't be an agreement before the UK leaves the union on the 29th of March.

"When it comes to British citizens in Sweden, we would like them to be able to stay, to study, to work, to be pensioners, to have health care, just as they have today, also with a no-deal scenario, and that is what we are planning for," Sweden's EU-minister Ann Linde told Radio Sweden.

She explains more about how her government sees the issue in the full interview, which you can hear by clicking the play button.