Parties silent on Christmas-time negotiations

3:26 min

It is unclear whether the political parties have managed to make any progress in forming a new government over the Yule period.

Swedish Radio political reporter My Rohwedder tells Radio Sweden that the parties' political positions are turning out to be much more fixed than anyone had thought before the election.

On Friday, December 28th, the leaders of the biggest parties will have to report how their negotiations are going to the Speaker of the Riksdag. News agency TT has spoken to all the political parties and none of them have anything to say about the negotiations. The Sweden Democrats say they were not invited to any talks at all.

Following the reports made to the Speaker this Friday, there will be a further round made on January 4th. On the 14th, he will announce who is to be the next prime ministerial candidate that will face a vote in Parliament. If 175 or more members of parliament again vote against this candidate, then a fourth and final vote will be held January 23rd, and failure here would trigger a new election.