Work continues towards choosing next Prime Minister candidate

1:15 min

The Speaker of Parliament, Andreas Norlén has now spoken with Social Democrat leader Stefan Löfven and will do the same with conservative Moderate leader Ulf Kristersson this evening.

Informal reports back from both of the leaders were scheduled for this day, January 4th, as the Speaker works to decide who to put forward to Parliament as the next candidate for Prime Minister.

What was said during the conversation with Löfven is not known, however, Löfven wrote in a statement to news agency TT:

"The Social Democrats continue to be prepared to compromise in order to form a government in the middle of Swedish politics. The coming week, all parties must make their utmost effort so that Sweden can, as soon as possible, get a viable government that is not dependent on the Sweden Democrats."

In the Riksdag press release (in Swedish), the speaker says that he'll get more formal reports on January 10th, as planned. He adds that on that day, he will also receive a report from the Election Agency about the conditions for holding a potential extra election.

Two of the speakers suggestions for Prime Minister have already failed to pass a vote in Parliament, and there can be two more attempts before extra elections are triggered.