After political stalemate, Löfven set for second term as PM

6:12 min

Parliament will vote on Stefan Löfven's candidacy as prime minister Friday morning, which is expected to pass if all members of the Riksdag vote as their parties have promised.

The Social Democrat leader secured his position, following four months of political deadlock, after striking a deal between his party and governing partners, the Greens, as well as the center-right parties, the Liberals and Centre Party.

Even though Löfven's election appears assured, his coming government will have to walk a tightrope to keep parties both on the left and right happy.

This could be difficult as some within his party, as well as in the Greens and Left Party, believe his government has swung too far to the right in his deal with the Liberals and Centre Party.

The speaker of parliament will put his proposal of Löfven to a vote in the Riksdag at 9 am on Friday.