Lawmakers vote Löfven back in as prime minister

1:49 min

Sweden ended four months of political stalemate on Friday when parliament elected Stefan Löfven as prime minister for a second term, leading a Social Democrat/Green party coalition government.

In the third prime minister vote since the September 9 election, Löfven avoided a majority of MPs voting against him, with the Left Party, Liberals, and Centre Party abstaining. 

After four months of wrangling, Löfven secured the backing of the Centre and Liberal parties who had ruled out supporting their two partners in the centre-right Alliance if it meant a Moderate/Christian Democrat government reliant on the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats.

However, the Prime Minister's agreement with the Centre and Liberal parties has come at a price, with a committment to run a number of neo-Liberal policies, previously unthinkable in a Social Democrat led government.

Stefan Löfven will now work on filling his ministerial posts with his coalition partners in the Green party.