New government presents minister line-up

5:13 min

Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has unveiled his cabinet for his new government, after lawmakers re-elected the Social Democrat leader on Friday, following months of political limbo.

Standing before Parliament this morning, Löfven delivered his so-called "Statement of Government Policy". It is a wide-ranging address where he lays out the ambitions and challenges his government will face over the next few years.

To talk about what the new government and ministers means, we spoke to Radio Sweden's Loukas Christodoulou. Hear this by clicking the play button.


Full list of ministers, from Social Democrat (S) and Green (G) parties.

Prime minister's office
Stefan Löfven (S) – Prime Minister

Hans Dahlgren (S) – EU-minister

Morgan Johansson (S) – Justice minister, plus migration issues

Mikael Damberg (S) – Home affairs minister

Foreign affairs
Margot Wallström (S) – Foreign minister

Peter Eriksson (G) – Aid minister

Ann Linde (S) – Trade minister, plus Nordic region

Labour market 
Ylva Johansson (S) – Labour market minister

Åsa Lindhagen (G) – Equality minister

Tomas Eneroth (S) – Infrastructure minister

Anders Ygeman (S) – Energy and digitalisation minister

Magdalena Andersson (S) – Finance minister

Per Bolund (G) – Vice-finance minister and Housing minister

Ardalan Shekarabi (S) – Consumer affairs minister

Peter Hultqvist (S) – Defence minister

Amanda Lind (G) – Culture and democracy minister, plus youth and sports issues

Isabella Lövin (G) – Environment minister and deputy prime minister

Ibrahim Baylan (S) – Business minister

Jennie Nilsson (S) – Rural affairs minister

Social support
Lena Hallengren (S) – Social support minister

Annika Strandhäll (S) – Social insurance minister

Anna Ekström (S) – Education minister

Matilda Ernkrans (S) – Minister for higher education and research