Special visa to be introduced for skilled labour

6:51 min

The government plans to introduce a new visa for highly qualified labour from outside the EU. There is also a commitment to 'solve' the problem with work permit holders being deported.

The plans are described in short in the four-party-agreement that the new government is based on. The agreement says that the government will launch an inquiry into the new visas this year, and implement them in the beginning of 2021. There is also a line that says "the problem with deportation of skilled labour must be solved".

"The government has committed itself to stop the deportations that are now. There are already new interpretations of the law inside the Migration Agency, so they should not deport people over small details. But to the extent that they still do, the government now is committed to follow up that it doesn't happen," says Martin Ådahl, MP for the Centre Party.

Click on the link to hear the full story, and for interviews also with Johannes Forssberg, legal council at the public interest law firm Centre for Justice, which has brought several work permit cases to court, and Ali Omumi, who had an extension of his work permit rejected due to a mistake made by a previous employer.